Low Soft Mallet ($8.00/ea + s/h)
High Soft Mallet  (Standard table mallet)
($9.00/ea + s/h)

  1. All Air Hockey mallets sold by SEIBERT LLC meet USAA's (United States Air-Hockey Association) standards for Legal Objects of Play and are the same models that most World Ranked players use. 
  2. The  low-profile mallets tend to give people better accuracy and a allow to get more speed on the puck with less effort.  However many of the Pro's say the low-profile mallets do not disguise what shot their opponent is doing.  Most top-level pros will advise on using the high-profile mallets.  
  3. The hard mallets also help in being able to get more speed on the puck than the soft mallets.  However, in defense, with a hard mallet is harder to control the rebounds off a blocked shot.  The soft mallets help in that they absorb some of the impact, making it easier to get the rebounds. The material used to make these mallets have been discontinued and will soon will be extinct.  SEIBERT LLC will be researching and experimenting to have a  replacement item.  
  4. It is not uncommon for a pro player to have more than one mallet.  A pro player has to be able to adapt to different opponents and table conditions.  But most will gravitate toward a mallet that fits their game best and use it the most often.
  5. Like pucks, mallets need to be broken-in for maximum performance.  It is recommended only to lightly sand the base of mallet when jagged edges occur.  A mallet should be able to float freely on a good running table. 




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