Pucks sold by SEIBERT LLC are designed to work with Dynamo or Brunswick arcade style Air Hockey Tables.  The Red and Yellow Tournament Pucks advertised on this page are the actual kind used in World, National, State and Local Tournaments sanctioned by the USAA (United States Airhockey Association).  For information on organized groups and events please view the Links page. 
3.25" PUCKS
(Commercial Size)
Translucent yellow puck ($4.25/ea + s/h)
Injection molded glass-filled Lexan
Translucent yellow tournament puck with white decal ($5.25/ea + s/h) 
Injection molded glass-filled Lexan
Translucent red puck ($4.25/ea + s/h)
Injection molded glass-filled Lexan
Translucent red tournament puck with white decal ($5.25/ea + s/h)
Injection molded glass-filled Lexan
White stickers that fit inside rim of puck. ($1.25/ea + s/h)

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  1. The red and yellow glass-filled Lexan pucks with one sided taped are the sanctioned pucks by USAA rules.  
  2. Translucent red and translucent yellow play very similar to each other.  Some people say that the red pucks a a little faster than the yellow.  The red and yellow pucks sold on this page meet USAA tournament requirements.
  3. It is customary to play with the mold marks, of the puck, face down.
  4. The white decal is added to improve visibility of the puck.
  5. Pucks that are broken-in tend to play better than brand new pucks.  New puck edges are crisp and can form jagged edges that can cause the puck to drag and slow down.  As the puck becomes compressed on the edges and the edges have an increased bevel from wear, they will go faster and will need less sanding.  Very fine sand paper can be used to remove these burs.  Many vendors stick a piece of sand paper on a table for public use.
  6. The condition of the table can affect how the puck behaves.  If the table has week air flow the puck is more likely to leave the playing surface.  Never put wax or oils on a table top to improve the speed of the puck.  Wax and oils can clog the air holes.  Rubbing alcohol is the best bet.  It evaporates quickly to  lessen chances of warping the top, and does not add more blockage to the air holes.  Also do not remove the buildup of gunk off the inside of the rails.  That buildup actually helps keep the puck on the table.





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